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Hi, I’m a reporter at Fortune, where I cover technology, business, security, and more.

I write for the magazine and website, and I appear regularly on video series, such as Fortune Tech Debate and Fortune Live. I am the founder of Cyber Saturday, a weekend edition of the tech newsletter Data Sheet, where I write a weekly column.

I have moderated fireside chats and panels at the RSA security conference in San Francisco, the Money20/20 finance conference in Las Vegas, and Fortune Brainstorm Tech in Aspen, on subjects ranging from digital disruption, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency to geopolitics, hacking, and artificial intelligence. I have appeared as a guest on radio programs such as WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show.

Before joining Fortune, I served in various roles at Nautilus magazine, TED Conferences, and Johnson & Johnson. I have written for TimeVice Motherboard, VentureBeat, Entrepreneur, NautilusChemical & Engineering News, and elsewhere.

I earned a double major in Chemistry & Chemical Biology and English at Cornell University, and a double minor in Science & Technology Studies and History. I completed graduate school at Columbia Journalism School.

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Twitter: @rhhackettScreen Shot 2016-12-28 at 10.40.58 PM.png
LinkedIn: rhhackett
Keybase: rhhackett
Email: robert.hackett at fortune dot com
Secure email: hackett.encrypted at gmail dot com | GPG fingerprint: 7D2C FC73 F262 3542 5121 0772 B275 7556 8174 F072
Jabber: rhhackett@jabber.ccc.de | OTR fingerprint: F225E829 13846232 0709A43A 1ECB83D3 BDDFF6A7
Ask for Signal.

Opinions here are my own.

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